Atalanta Bergamasca Football 2023-2023

Although Second Life is not appreciated by some entrepreneurs, it was chosen by the Nerazzurri patron, Massimo Moratti, who decided to bring his beloved Inter into the virtual world. Inter from the Scudetto, starting from next season? A stone's throw from his Guidonia. The farewell to Cancelo was a disappointment, but there are two months to find a right winger (like Chelsea's Zappacosta, who could come in exchange for Vecino). 186 centimeters for 95 kilos, ugly to look at but tremendously effective when it came to throwing it in, she never led the life of an athlete: she trained just right, ate, drank wine and smoked. Among the many present also the president James Pallotta who dedicated a long letter to Pupone on the As Roma website: "There will never be another Totti. I am sure that more than a tear will be shed, both on the pitch and in the stands, but Sunday will be the celebration of what is an icon, inter milan jersey a legend in the history of sport. It is the end of a chapter in his life and the beginning of a new era". The top clubs from all over Europe were on De Vrij, and it was difficult to find anything better on the transfer market. We could have chosen Romero from Sampdoria, but the goalkeeper Argentine redeemed himself with merit at the Brazilian World Cup, coming one step away from victory; and then here is the semi-unknown Adan, the first Spanish player in the history of Cagliari, who hires him after the boy has just released himself from Real Madrid, not the Astrea, but where he was relegated as a third choice.

He went from the Chievo-bis of miracles to Serie B, and again top-ranking Chievo with Maran. The Neroazzurri's reaction came suddenly in the 24th minute: Palacio's cross from the right and Kuzmanovic's volley that seriously challenged De Sanctis. Just versatility will be a characteristic of Inter 2018-2019, and the transition from the 4-man defense to the 3-man defense will allow Spalletti to give more variety to the Nerazzurri's game. I like to think that Massimo Maccarone's, born in 1979, adolescence passion for the game of kick played a decisive role in writing his story. He certainly didn't arrive in Amsterdam to spend the winter but he played a great season where he scored eleven goals in twenty-one games and the call for France was his logical consequence. April 18, 1974, he is considered predestined since he was a kid, when he grew up in the Inter youth academy on bread and goals. Behind the great strikers of the big teams there are them, a flood of gunners who score goals in clusters always and only in the smaller squares of Italian football. In the rondinelle of Brescia, the striker born in '81 found his size, always giving the fans a good reason to pay for the ticket to Rigamonti.

Words that make it clear that despite his age (he will turn 21 in exactly one month, next October 25th) the Viola full-back is now a player ready for the big leap. In '90 he won the scudetto in Naples with Maradona without playing even a minute, in the following 6 years he toured half of Italy: Reggiana, Pisa, Naples, Parma, Piacenza, Perugia and Salernitana up to Turin. Other minor associations that no longer exist and who distinguished themselves were the Hell's Commandos (1983-1986), the Longobards (1980s), the Snakes (late 1980s – 1992), the Monkeys (1988-2012), the Perverts (1992-2002 ), the Nord Kaos (1995-2006), the Monelle (1996-2001), the Senza Trugua (1995-2006), the Bulldogs (1988-2022), the Pessimi Elementi (2005-2022). The presence of the Nuova Guardia Ultrà (1993-1997) was important, the first group of Inter ultras to position itself in the Curva Sud. The battle lasts about twelve hours; only 5/6 Venetian ships barely manage to save themselves; many are the prisoners: the dead (among the adversaries) are 1500 to which will soon be added 400 wounded transported to the hospital of Cremona (500 the dead among the viscounts). Many players, not only linked to Udinese, who donated their shirts. Ps: the vintage Brescia shirt with the vertical white band is sumptuous.

Who knows the faces of the Fluminense de Feira fans last April 5, when they saw their idol Fernando Sobral take the field against leaders Vitoria de Bahia wearing the classic number 10 shirt and the name "Pizza" written on it. He then moved on to Benevento, with whose shirt he played in Serie C in the 1949-1950 season and in the 1950-1951 season; in the 1951-1952 season he went down in category and married Massese in Promozione (the highest amateur level of the time), closing his only season in the black and white shirt with a balance of 27 appearances and 12 goals. But "Sansone" (so nicknamed by the Neapolitan commentator-fan Raffaele Auriemma), is a Bomber with a capital B: in fact he will spend almost his entire career in the cadet series, reaching 135 goals in B (second place in the all-time category ranking) and 260 career. Raised in Real Sociedad, he arrived in the capital in the summer of 2010 from Manchester City, indicated as one of Spain's most promising full-backs. Manchester City is fascinated by Rolandone and spends 13 million euros for the card. He flies the heron high and clocks in regularly (176 goals to date).

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