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Choose from a curated selection of grey wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screens. Always free on Unsplash.University Hospital of the Federal University of the São Francisco Valley (UNIVASF). Federal University of Vale do São Francisco (UNIVASF) – Campus Petrolina: Business Administration, Biological Sciences, Physical Education, Nursing, Agronomic Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Zootechnics. SOBERANA Faculty of Health of Petrolina: Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. Faculty of Higher Education of Pernambuco (FACESP): Business Administration, Physical Education, Pedagogy. Faculty of Technology and Sciences (FTC) – Campus Petrolina: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Psychology and Administration. Faculdade UNINASSAU Petrolina: Classroom courses: Biomedicine, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Physical Education (bachelor's degree), Pharmacy, Nursing, Psychology, Radiology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Administration, Accounting Sciences, Pedagogy, Social Work, Agroindustry, Oenology and Viticulture, Commercial Management, Logistics, Occupational Safety, Human Resources and more than 35 distance learning courses. According to the United Nations Development Program Atlas, 7.90% of the employed persons worked in civil construction, 0.94% in the public utility sectors, 18.74% in commerce and 37.07% in the services sector. On the avenues that surround the urban perimeter, the presence of trade in building materials, parts and automotive services is noticeable. Petrolina is considered a trunk city, its trade supplies neighboring municipalities, which makes the city a wholesale center for food, medicine and clothing.

arch You can also embark on a journey through Barcelona's history at the Museu d'Història de Barcelona, ​​where you'll find information about the city's past. 150 million for the construction of the second unit of São Francisco Têxtil in the city. The Industrial District of the municipality is one of the locomotives of development in the São Francisco region of Pernambuco. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in 2012 the industry sector was the second largest producer of wealth for the municipality. In 2010, the IBGE showed that 70.85% of households survived on less than one minimum wage per resident, 18.81% of residents survived on between one and three minimum wages per person, 3.09% on a value between three and five minimum wages, 2.77% earned more than five minimum wages and 4.46% did not declare income. 798,216 thousand reais and the average salary in the municipality was 2.1 times the minimum wage. In terms of leisure and entertainment, the space features Playtoy and a cinema, with 4 rooms, one of which has 3D technology. The entire environment is air-conditioned and safe, with a parking lot for 1,500 spaces and an average daily attendance of 24,000 visitors.

The 2012 Agricultural Census showed that the municipality had a herd of 21,500 cattle, 135,800 goats, 7,300 donkeys, 1,460 horses, 2,100 mules, 82,400 sheep and 11,280 pigs. According to data from the survey carried out in 2012 by the IBGE, the highlights in the production of temporary crops were bean plantations (93 tons, 3,280 hectares planted and 80 hectares harvested); sweet potato (378 tons, 30 hectares planted and 30 hectares harvested); watermelon (3 520 tons, 180 hectares planted and 180 hectares harvested); cassava (2,057 tons, 480 hectares planted and 235 hectares harvested); tomato (2 400 tons, 60 hectares planted and 60 hectares harvested); melon (1 430 tons, 65 hectares planted and 65 hectares harvested); onion (2 000 tons, 80 hectares planted and 80 hectares harvested); sugar cane (2 325 tons, 115 hectares planted and 75 hectares harvested); 260 hectares of sorghum, 3,800 hectares of maize and 400 hectares of castor bean were also cultivated, however, there was no harvest. There were also 5,400 birds (roosters, pullets, chickens and chicks), 42,600 hens, with a production of 410,000 thousand dozen chicken eggs. With this expansion, approximately 600 more direct jobs were generated, which together with the indirect ones add up to a thousand jobs.

Tifoseria della Società Sportiva Lazio - Wikipedia 2018 was the most laureate year of Modrić's career, in which he won his fourth UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid and was also a 2018 World Cup finalist with the Croatian national team, feats that saw him win the FIFA World Player of the Year award, the Ballon d'Or from France Football magazine, the UEFA Best Player in Europe award and the FIFA World Cup Ballon d'Or, becoming the first player in history to win them all these awards in the same year. After the death of former player and coach Rinus Michels (runner-up in the 1974 World Cup), many fans wanted to change the name of the stadium. Tito Vilanova, a former assistant coach of Guardiola, took over as manager of the club. Before the match, Real's coach made controversial statements about Corinthians star Edílson, the devil, saying that he was only known in Brazil. ↑ «Ferencvárosi TC – Real Betis, 09/30/2021 – Europa League – Match sheet». ^ "Cristiano Ronaldo: I will only reach the top when I win a trophy with Portugal". ↑ Robert Schwandl. «L3 Zona Universitària – Trinitat Nova» (in English).

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