The Greatest of All Time?

You can also embark on a journey through Barcelona's history at the Museu d'Història de Barcelona, ​​where you'll find information about the city's past. The name chosen was Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, as that year was celebrating the 400th anniversary of the famous admiral's trip to India. Inspired by the celebrations of the fourth centenary of the discovery of the sea route to the Indies, which took place in 1498, they baptized the new association with the name of the Portuguese navigator who achieved this feat, Vasco da Gama. You can also browse the vast selection of shops along La Rambla, where you'll find everything from souvenirs to high-end clothing stores. He currently plays for Al-Nassr, from Saudi Arabia and for the Portuguese national team, where he is captain. ↑ «Borussia Dortmund – Player statistics (Number of goals scored by Club)». In terms of games and goals considered "official", there are also statistical divergences, due not only to the difference in games counted (which also justify the differences in total games) but also due to the considerations of each source of what characterizes a match as being official or not. His first goal with the Santos shirt happened in his second match and it was precisely against Grêmio, his former club.

Then, he won the Municipal Tournament, against the same clubs and others from Rio de Janeiro, drawing with Flamengo in the last round and becoming champion. Rui Proença, Portuguese by birth and living in Rio, identifies the fact as a true revolution, emphasizing the prejudices and difficulties initially encountered by Vasco, associating himself with the fact that Flamengo, Fluminense and Botafogo did not allow blacks to enter their clubs. 4 big clubs in Rio. ↑ «Cristiano Ronaldo is suspended for five games for sending off and pushing referee». ↑ «Cristiano Ronaldo scores great bicycle kick, and Real Madrid tramples Juventus in Turin». The fact of the low reflection of the black color under the reflectors of yesteryear, as well as the excessive concentration of summer heat under the black shirt, were concerns of managers regarding the wear of the players. Influenced by Lusitânia Futebol Clube, a club that merged with Vasco in 1915, the first football shirt was all black, with white collar and cuffs, without the diagonal stripe and the Cross of Christ in red had been moved to the left side from the chest, next to the heart, which in turn was inspired by the uniform of the Portuguese team that played a series of friendlies in Brazil in 1913 and to differentiate it from the uniform used by the rowing team.

The idea of ​​Vasco as a "Portuguese club" came from the leaders of Brazilian football: the Associação Metropolitana de Esportes Athleticos (AMEA), responsible for football in Rio de Janeiro, in a letter sent to Vasco in 1925, pointed out the expectation that the club would form a team "genuinely Portuguese, for a sporting demonstration of the true qualities of this secular breed". Thus, they got together, abandoned the Metropolitan League of Terrestrial Sports (LMDT) and founded the Metropolitan Association of Athletic Sports (AMEA), leaving out Vasco, which could only join the new entity if it dismissed twelve of its athletes (all black ) under the accusation that they had a "dubious profession". In addition, the São Januário stadium was one of the first to have lighting for night games and Vasco was one of the few that routinely played under artificial light, white being a favored color in these conditions, these being some theories that try to explain the fact that Vasco plays much more white than black, however there is no official explanation for the fact. That same week, he led the Catalan club to another victory in the Spanish Championship, over Zaragoza by 4-1, with two more goals.

In 2015, he won the Campeonato Carioca after a long period of twelve years without winning the competition. São Paulo 7×0 Serrano-PB, for the 2015 São Paulo Junior Football Cup, on January 3, 2015, at Martins Pereira Stadium. São Paulo 6×0 Fluminense-PI, for the 2004 São Paulo Junior Football Cup, on January 7, 2004, at Francisco Marques Figueira Stadium. Botafogo 5×0 São Paulo, for the 1965 Rio-São Paulo Tournament, on May 15, 1965, at Maracanã. The Friendship Classic has been held since 1923, when Vasco beat its rival by 3-1. In terms of decisions in finals, Vasco is at a disadvantage, having lost more than it won against Botafogo. The victory was 2-0, for Messi, another great mark beaten. After winning the Luís Aranha Tournament, in 1940, and again a Torneio Inicial, in 1942, came the formation of a great and feared team: the "Expresso da Vitória", led by striker Ademir de Menezes. In 1944 he won the Torneio Relâmpago, beating the other big four of the time (Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and América) and applying a 5-2 rout in the last round over his future rival, Flamengo.

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