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However, Napoli must wait for Juventus' error as they are not capable of making themselves dangerous with maneuvered actions, or of forcing him, with fast transitions originating therefore exclusively from black and white errors (also due to the good depth defense of the pair of central defenders Bonucci and Chiellini). In a one-way first half, with a few forward sorties by the Young Boys and a Napoli almost always in possession in the yellow and black half of the pitch, the first shot to commit the attentive Mvogo arrives in the 14th minute precisely with Insigne. And yet, as far as we are concerned, it is a fact that precisely the innovations provided by Berra regarding the Boy bitten by the lizard fall within a critical approach which, starting from the references to ancient literary production, allows us to illustrate what the author evidently believes to be the true meaning of the painting; in fact, as had already appeared in his other interventions, albeit not as extensive, the objective – which, moreover, Roberto Longhi had identified at the time, already in the first issue of "Paragone", when he underlined how one had to arrive at "… Predictions for Chievo-Napoli and Juventus-Lazio: all in the 1st half?Something that grabs the fans, the team and the club and makes them a united block against everything and everyone.

First match to be taken very, very carefully, for many factors, both the field factor, with the Veronese who will have around 15. 000 people to support them, both for Pellegrini's team squad, which in two races could make use of all the experience of the available squad, which certainly isn't worth the penultimate place in the standings. The windows of the two floors of Palazzo Farnese, the Gioia high school, the Romagnosi institute and the Mazzini school were decorated with an extendable ladder and safety helmet decorated with the ever-present black pen. "Goodbye friends; if luck allows us to arrive in Italy we will shout at everyone, we will shout from the rooftops who are the remaining ones, why they kept you, who made you stay; I swear, in the name of all of us and on my honour, remember that." And the cband the other 49 who remained did not see any scenes of despair around them, much less someone making a will; they did not hear cries of invocation, for help, or requests for carers to the men nearby; no one in the name of God saw or heard these attitudes or invocations; on the other hand, everyone, even the deaf and the annelid, the departing and the remaining, listened to cries of curses, of anger, of indignation, of disgust, of contempt towards the Russians, the half-Russian and the assimilated above all.

The last prisoner of the group of departing vanished into thin air and their joyful voices too faded into thin air, just as the goodbyes, the words of comfort and fraternal greetings disappeared with the wind. Even the words, none out of place. On the other hand, the one who has made the leap in quality is the former Udinese, who took away the starting position from Zielinski with fantastic performances. In his place, Roma calls to the bedside of an almost destroyed team, Claudio Ranieri who will raise the team's morale and self-esteem, lazio jersey but will not be able to get them to achieve fourth place (the last profit for Champions League qualification). The fourth official is Sacchi. childhood, Ruzzolini Andrea, a villager who emigrated as a young man to a large northern metropolis, Milan, and to his two closest friends, intolerant and tough of the same caliber: an officer of the Alpini, Ebene73, and one of the Third, Pontieri. The two midfielders are Tonali and Bennacer, while the trio of attacking midfielders is formed by Messias, who is preferred to Saelemaekers, Díaz and Leão. You should know that a wolf attacks at the throat and bites at the sides while a dhole prefers to bite at the belly, so when the dholes came shaking out of the water and had to lift their heads, the wolves were in an advantageous position.

The football interlude, however, soon ended, leaving room for an evening of clashes outside the stadium and tensions on the pitch due to chants against the Senegalese defender Koulibaly and the city of Naples, with the coach Ancelotti who clearly let it be known that if this situation repeats itself again, he will leave the pitch together with his team. The surnames of the departing are pronounced aloud by the Russian, especially by the Italian adjutant, and are clearly heard in the deathly silence that reigns on the vast square. In addition to the tomb of Pope Sylvester II, the basilica also houses important relics, the heads of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul and a fragment of the table where, according to a medieval legend, Jesus ate the Last Supper together with the apostles. To make it easier for fans to leave the stadium at the end of the match, the M5 stations of San Siro Ippodromo and Segesta will be closed at the disposal of the Police Headquarters.

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